A rehab testimonial by Faride Reyes

"Sweet are the uses of adversity," says a Shakespearean character in "As You Like It" when he considers the profits he has reaped as result of his particular difficulties.

Likewise, I suffered some adversity recently from which I have reaped unexpected benefits. These benefits are a direct result of the exceptional professional care I have received from the therapists at The Vosswood Nursing Center in Houston, Texas, particularly from Kate Flowers, occupational therapist, and Fides Capuyan, physical therapist.

I came to The Vosswood in September 2013 with both legs broken. My situation was a complicated one because besides the broken legs, I suffer from multiple sclerosis. I was diagnosed with MS in 1967. The disease basically went into remission until the 1990s, when it passed to the secondary chronic progressive phase.

Since the '90s, my legs had become gradually weaker to the point that I could exert no movement with the right foot, and the right leg was quite atrophied. Due to the recent fractures in both legs, I was confined to a bed for several weeks. The inactivity made my whole body even weaker.

My goal was to walk again. However, I had serious doubt whether walking was a realistic goal in my state.

I am a woman of faith, however. I know the Lord sent two of His most competent therapists to help me. Kate made me do exercises to increase my upper-body strength since I have to compensate for the lower-body weakness. Kate also helped me achieve better balance and posture. All of these elements are essential for safe and effective mobility.

Additionally, Fides made me walk again! Her daily treatments using exercises and electrical stimulation have made me regain my ability to walk and do so with better