Gertrude Lux

On Sept. 19, 2015, approximately 100 relatives, friends and associates from The Vosswood Nursing Center in Houston, Texas, gathered to celebrate the 100th birthday of Gertrude Lux, a resident at the center.


“One of Gertrude’s lifelong goals was to live to be 100 years old, and she made it!” said Donyell Recasner, activity director.


Lux greeted her guests with excitement, and when Recasner asked her how she achieved such a long life, she said, “Hard work. Hard work, I tell you.”


Lux was born on Sept. 18, 1915, near Weimer, Texas, to German-speaking immigrants Emil and Annie Dahse. As the oldest of four girls living on a farm, Lux was no stranger to hard work, and she loved to stay busy. While schoolwork was difficult for her because of the language difference, she excelled in sports, especially tennis and softball.


In 1936, Lux married Victor Lux from the nearby town of Schulenburg, Texas. The couple struggled to make a life for themselves in the beginning, living on a farm during the worst of the Great Depression.


The couple had their first daughter, Gladys Marie, in 1943, and moved to Lake Jackson in 1952, where Victor began a new job at Dow Chemical. Lux began a babysitting service, and along came another baby of her own, Marjorie Ann, in 1953. Many neighbors knew Lux not just for her service but also for her excellent peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Lux was an accomplished seamstress and sewed for the entire family. During her spare time, she loved tending her flowerbeds and growing vegetables in her garden.


When Victor had a stroke, the couple joined a dominoes group for stroke victims. Lux loved playing, and many of the players requested her as their partner. She belonged to the group for 25 years.


Lux developed an upper respiratory condition in 2014, and having done some rehabilitation at the facility previously, she chose to make The Vosswood Nursing Center her new home.